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People I Know

If you didn't know and ended up here by mistake, People I Know is a webcomic I make. You can read it over here!

Postage and Packaging

I'll be shipping in the UK by Royal Mail, which is untracked. I'll get a Proof of Postage though!

If you're ordering from Europe, just select Germany in the menu. I didn't want to list every country.

Overseas orders will be sent with Royal Mail too.

As of December, I can't guarantee that any orders will arrive in time for Christmas.

Sock Sizes

Some sock designs come in two sizes.

Medium = 3-6 UK sizeĀ 
Large = 6 - 11 UK size

Please please please make sure that you're ordering the correct sock size as I can't accept returns on worn items.

Customs Tax

Sometimes, I order lots of stuff from abroad and get charged with a customs tax. I hate that! I don't know what the customs tax is for your country but if you're ordering from overseas, please don't forget about it!